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Selecting An Austin Tree Service !

Why Hire The Tree Tender Instead Of The Other Guy?

Because we do a much better job for less!

Let me explain some things that will help you understand exactly how our work is better and why it costs less.

When you decide to hire someone to work or your trees it is wise to get bids from at least two different companies. Once you have your bids, you have to determine which company to choose. It is a choice that is not easy to make and information is important. There are likely to be big differences in the amount charged by the companies. Customers often tell me of this.

No Pressure Sales

When I come to your property to examine your trees I will draw a crude map of your property plotting the trees and listing them individually. The list will include the type of tree, the work it needs, and the fee for the work. I will leave you a copy of the proposal at that time and move on to the next property. You can call me later if you want to do the job or even part of the job. I never ask for a decision. It is strictly your prerogative. My prices are the lowest in the city and the fee is for the work listed. We can tend all your trees at once or do them in stages over time at your convenience. We can do any degree of detail you like. Class pruning is what I most often prescribe. A Class 2 pruning is every limb pruned all the way to its end taking care of everything but the little twigs. It is an un-rivaled service, but you can order any amount of treatment you want. You can make the job fit your budget and get more for you investment than you can anywhere else. I am eager to help you determine what is most urgent so you can apply your budget to the job most efficaciously.

Prices Vary But Ours Are Unbeatable

One of the biggest factors that can cause the prices to be so different is that each bid represents a different amount of work. Every tree person has a unique idea of what to do to a tree, but for the same amount of work no real arborist charges less than I do. When I assess a tree, I do my best to see all the things a tree needs and then calculate the amount of time required to do those things. The other guys usually  do not see the same amount of things to do that I see. Even if they do see what should be done, they don't include it in the service. Doing so would damage their ability to make money. I am not motivated by money. I do what I do because I love trees and because I want to make my living doing something that I believe to be beneficial to the trees and to the world. This is proven by the life style I am able to support.

The tree industry has its share of magazines and organizations. Tree Care Industry Magazine publishes an annual report about the fees charged by tree services. It includes categories for the many different aspects of tree care. They published the average cost for tree pruning It comes to about $84.00 per man hour. That is well over twice what I charge. At that rate, work that includes the right pruning techniques is not competitive. It is certainly not competitive with The Tree Tender. For the work we deliver, their prices would bring them little business. Dr. Watson, in one his arborist classes at A&M included a segment he called, "Typical Tree Service." He described the work as being only that which can be done in the interior of a tree without even attempting to prune in the growing tips. He used the words, "lion tail" to describe the results of such work. It is a derogatory term that is intended to convey an image of the tail of a lion, short fur to the tuft at the end. A tree should be about two-thirds canopy. A lion's tail trees is almost all trunk.

Another factor that can cause price differences is the speed at which the men working on the tree can get the job done. If there is anyone faster than I am (which I doubt) , the difference is negligible. I price my work according to the rate I work, not the rate at which my people can work. I do this because I can get it done most quickly. Good tree workers are hard to find, especially the kind that can prune all the way to the ends of every limb, like The Tree Tender does. A company that has workers that take longer to do a job has to do less work on the trees in order to make enough money. This makes for unfair bidding practices, unfair treatment of customers, and unfair treatment of trees. There are efforts being made throughout the country to correct this problem, but it remains a problem.

Tree work is one of the best values for your dollar. Tree work increases the value of property and lasts a long time. The work is hard and finding help that can do the job is very difficult, especially when the work is done the way we do it. I do it because I love to help trees and I love the work. When we work on your trees we will do everything according to ISA standards and more. We make sure every cut is done properly no matter how hard it is to reach it. Someone once said it right when they said, "put your heart into every cut."

I have been faced with customers getting bids that were half of what I bid . It turns out every time that the company that offered the lower bid planed to do a fraction of the work we do for the trees. It is difficult to get an apples to apples comparison. I am aware of the rates charged by many of my competitors. If they did as much work on the trees as we do their prices would be so high they would get little work.

The Tree Tender can do any degree of tree work you require. I will be happy to arrange a program that will fit your budget. Sadly, I have seen many jobs done by the other guy and then found out that customer paid four times what I would have charged for the same work. This can happen because customers are not trained arborists. The fact is, we charge very little for our service. I believe no one works for less and no one does better work.

I believe The Tree Tender will give you the best value for your dollar. I will make sure of it. When you consider my competition, consider what is proposed. If this is not made clear to you at the start, try to have it made clear. If they are vague or unwilling, do not let them touch your trees for any price. I have been hired many times to fix what they have done.

To get a free proposal for work on your trees please contact me. My telephone number at my home and office is 512-280-1958.  You can contact me via e-mail at  I sure would love to hear from you.