Austin Certified Arborist Tree Service

Hello. I am Nickey Bishop.

We have completed every job we ever started.

We attend to details that are unnoticeable.

Our rates are very reasonable.

We take extra measures to prevent injury to other plants.

We have over ten thousand happy customers.

We are ready to help after storms or other tragedies.

The Tree Doctor Nickey Bishop sitting in a tree

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I am the owner and operator of The Tree Tender. Austin tree care is my focus, though I provide tree care for the surrounding area. I am a Certified Arborist and a Certified Oak Wilt Specialist. My certification has been kept active since the year 2000 when after working on trees since the early seventies and feeling certification was of little value to me, I saw the light and took the test. Since then my certification has been re-certified every three years by taking the compulsory thirty hours of formal study and paying a hefty fee. I study trees every day, both through academics and through experience. I have by now learned a few things and I incorporate my knowledge into my service to the trees and my clients.

I take care of trees. I am in this business because I love trees and I feel much the same as a people doctor feels; satisfied by the wonderful thing I do to make a living. I like to be considered a tree doctor and I am by all rights a "tree hugger". Please, do not ask me to kill a living tree. I do not have the heart for it; even if it truly does need to be done. There are plenty of people who would love the job and they are welcome to it. However, if you want someone to care for your trees in the best possible way, I am the man for the job.

My company provides tree care, tree service, pruning, thinning, shaping, cabling, bracing, cavity treatment, ball moss removal, dead limb removal, mistletoe removal, diagnostics, consultations, and more. I studied Botany in college and my tree care is done with the latest scientific methods. In a nutshell, we climb trees to do what is necessary to help the trees.

Our work is governed by the fact that the only thing you take with you when you go is your honor. I seek to manifest the virtues and strive for perfection. I believe all things must be done right to the smallest detail, especially when they are done to a sacred living being as venerable as a tree.

I possess the necessary skill to climb the highest trees and work on any limb all the way to the end, even at my age, born in 1950 right in the heart of Texas. Sometimes people gather from the neighborhood to watch me climb trees. Other tree companies have called for me to climb a tree no one else would climb. It is thrilling to climb more challenging trees. I know you are wondering, so I'll just say it here; I have never had a serious fall, just one minor fall that didn't injure me. (I am knocking on wood as I write this.)

Certified Arborist Nickey working at the desk

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In 1993, after working for the other guys too long, I struck out on my own and formed The Tree Tender, but my first job in the tree business was in 1973 while attending the University of Texas. Money was tight and I saw an ad in the newspaper for a "Tree Climber". I was very surprised that there was such a job. The small towns I had lived in had no such work. Well, I took to the job very well having been an adept tree climber since childhood. My little brother will attest to this as he followed me up trees too high and had to be rescued by the adults twice. Guess who got into trouble!

Since I started The Tree Tender, I have acquired so many tree patients that I am unable to even guess at the number. I do know that I have thousands of satisfied customers and my business now perpetuates itself. I have little advertising and get as much work as I can handle, which is not to say I do not want more clients.

The work I do for trees does not require follow up work for many years. Oaks that I have pruned have needed no further work for fifteen years. Some species require more frequent pruning but they are also the species that do not live long enough. So, I am always eager to meet new trees and their owners.

Mine is a small business and I plan to keep it that way. We can only do about two hundred thousand dollars worth of tree work a year. We hit that mark for the first time in 2007. The economy has prevented us from doing that much business in 2008. Helping trees is no way to make a lot of money, but it is something I love to do. Most lines of work are too hard on the environment and living things and I will not endeavor in those areas. Caring for trees is just right for me. By keeping my business small, I am able to insure that the work done is of the highest quality. I can manage the crew and make sure everything is done safely. At most, I might add a two man crew to do the jobs that do not take long and I might add a soil and foliar analysis service. These things are something that I can keep my thumb on, so to speak, and still offer more help to the trees and the people.

The Tree Tender has an heir apparent. I have no children of my own but I have Bryce. Bryce is like a son to me and I have been training him to run the business since 2006 and he is learning and developing fast. I met him when he was much younger and told him that when he gets out of school he could come work with me and that is what he did. Many of you have already met him and all the reports I have gotten have been positive. Someday, when he is ready, I will step back a little and let him take the reigns. He shares my veneration for trees and my affinity for providing only top quality service for our brothers, sisters, and the asexual siblings in the tree family.

This web site is the product of many long hours of study, trial, and error. I did it all myself and it will get better as I learn more about how to construct web sites and become more adroit generating computer art. I will be adding pages as time permits and circumstances demand them. I want to make information available to anyone who is interested and to present it in an easily understood and enjoyable format. I have spent a long time getting my education in the science of caring for trees and I want to help you help your trees without you having to spend years and years learning. Hopefully, this site will provide you with enough information to take care of your trees requiring professional help only when climbing is required or trouble arises that is beyond layman ability.

Please, if you feel you can climb your own trees and do the work yourself, call me and talk to me first. I want to give you a few pointers at absolutely no cost to you. I can tell you how to make proper selections and cuts along with some safety tips. I know too many people who thought they could do it who ended up in the hospital. Climbing trees and cutting limbs is a job for professionals. It takes years of experience and training to gain the fundamentals of climbing and pruning, even longer to become proficient, and we do it with many aids such as climbing saddles, ropes, lanyards, ladders and more. I will gladly help you along, but you will have to contact me to get the help. I have trained more men and women to work in the trees than I could count, maybe over a hundred. I know what it takes to learn to do it. However, this site is intended to give you the information you need to hire a tree service and to do your part in caring for Earth's predecessors to man.

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Please contact me. I sure would love to hear from you, even if you only want to chat. I love to talk about trees and am always available to share anything I know with you. You can reach me by one of the following ways: